Barnes Family | Hills District Family Photographer

I have felt such a strong calling lately to create a set of images that I have in my mind of how children see their mothers. Not just of motherhood itself, although that's important to me as well, but images for the children, the way THEY see their mother. Beautiful and soft, yet carrying so much strength within her. When you look at these images I made for Emma and her family, you'll see that as well. 

This was a Short Story session, and I've got 2 available spaces left for these sessions in 2018. Get in touch to lock yours in.

Beard Family | Sydney Family Lifestyle Photographer

The whole reason I do what I do is to show parents, (mums especially) how loved and important they are. How all the hard work day in and day out is creating this magical childhood for their children and it's absolutely worth it. My hope is that the kids will be able to watch this film and relive these moments with their parents over and over through all the years of their lives, passing down their heritage to their own grandchildren one day. This is what life looked like in 2017. Wasn't it marvellous? 

This film, in particular is one that I hold close to my heart. This is life for the Beard family, on their farm in Dubbo, NSW. 

Tan Family | Sydney Travel with Kids

These guys travelled all the way over from the Phillipines for their little girl's birthday and asked me to come document them exploring Sydney. Even though I was booked pretty solidly, and technically didn't have time to do another session, I jumped at the opportunity to do a session like this and I'm SO glad that I did. It was amazing shooting in such an iconic location, and I had SUCH a blast hanging out with them.

If you have plans to travel to Sydney for a holiday hit me up! Be IN the photos with your family this time instead of the one taking them. I've got a few spots left for photography only sessions before Christmas. Grab a spot on my calendar here.

Hughes Family | Hills District Family Photographer

I had such an amazing morning with this beautiful family. The way they love and care for their little boy just shines through in every thing that they do.

I've got a few photography sessions still available between now and December if you'd like to update your family photos before Christmas, however I'm fully booked for films through May 2018. If you'd like one of these for your family, grab a spot on my calendar here.

Lauren + Josh | Craggy Gardens Wedding

I went over to the USA to film and photograph this wedding for Lauren and Josh and it was just the most magical few days set in the mountains of North Carolina. 

The thing that makes this family so special to me is that Lauren is the sister of our au pair Addison, who is basically just a member of our family, and after hearing about them and chatting with them on Skype from time to time it was just so wonderful to actually spend time with them. And during the wedding I felt like a member of their family the entire time so it was just such a lovely experience all around. 

Here's their film and some of my favourite images from the day.

Are you planning a wedding in 2018 and interested in me capturing your day? I am taking a limited number of wedding bookings for 2018 and I offer photography only or photography + video packages. Get in touch for pricing and availability.

Our Week | Sydney Family Photographer

This week has been a busy one. I've been sick, the kids have been sick. I've been working every night to catch up on editing now that I only have two days a week of childcare. Looking forward to next year when my youngest goes three days. So I didn't my camera out that often. But I did manage a couple of days.

Here's our week in photos

Canon 5D mkiii + 24mm 3.5 Tilt Shift

Canon 5D mkiii + Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Sarah | Sydney Family Photographer

I have been photographing/filming this family since 2015! They are more like family to me now, each time I go to their house I feel like I'm just hanging out with good friends. And I am!

They welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Sarah, to their beautiful family a few months ago and this is the first of three sessions I'll be doing with them this year. Here are a few of my favourites. 

Our Week | Hills District Family Photographer

Fuji XT2 + 16mm 1.4 for all the camera nerds out there like me ;)

Fuji XT2 + 16mm 1.4

Canon 5D mkiii + 24mm 3.5 Tilt Shift

Canon 5D mkiii + 24mm 3.5 Tilt Shift

Canon 5D mkiii + 24mm 3.5 Tilt Shift

Pyfferoen Family | Sydney Family Photography

I only had time for ONE family session during our trip to the US in June, and these guys snatched it up. I fell in love with this family and their beautiful life during the morning I spent with them. Jennie really wanted to capture a morning together, particularly the way her boys come into their bed in the mornings for snuggles, cooking breakfast together, and going fishing. Here are some of my favourites.

Felix at 6 Months | Sydney Hills District Lifestyle Photographer

These guys are doing a Year in the Life with me, and I'm so excited to share these images from their second session!

The second session of a Year in the Life is generally shorter so we tend to stick to one room (usually the bedroom!) so that baby can crawl (or lay!) around on the bed. Makes it easy to get interaction with the parents as well as some individual portraits. Here are some of my fav's!

The Farm | Day in the Life Photographer

I went over to the US to film/photograph a wedding in NC, and then teach my Filming Life Retreat in Nashville TN, and thankfully we got to spend an afternoon at my grandparent's farm in Alabama while we were there. This house holds so much history for my family, and although it was hard balancing being present with everyone and documenting, it was worth the extra effort to have these photos.

The McKee Family | Sydney Hills District Family Photographer

Just an ordinary day, at home. Doing life. This my friends, is what I MOST love to capture. This is what fills my heart, what inspires me on a daily basis. Finding those little moments that make a family unique, that show the love and beauty that exists in everyday life. 

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm completely booked for films through Feb 2018. I have gotten numerous enquiries lately asking for sessions between now and then and I hate saying no but I serve my clients and family best when I stick to the limited number of sessions that I've set each month. If you'd like to get on my calendar for next year, now is the time to do so. Our family is heading overseas this week so if you don't hear back straight away, don't fret I will be in touch as soon as I'm able. <3 

Mornings | Hills District Family Photographer

It's been awhile since I blogged, mainly because we just moved into a new house and things have been a little hectic. 

I find myself having super short windows of opportunity to make pictures of our life right now, and they tend to be really early in the morning before the to do lists of the day take over. So here are a few recent mornings over the last couple of weeks.

17 April 2017

27 April 2017

2 May 2017

The Fitt Family | Sydney Family Photographer

It's always such a huge honour when a photographer hires you to document her family, particularly for a second time! I photographed them for the first time in 2015 when their youngest was just a baby and when she asked me again for a session this year I was super excited, not only because I love hanging out with them (seriously they have me in stitches of laughter 90% of the time), but because I got to see and document how much the kids have grown as well. Here's a little peek into the beautiful Saturday morning I spent with them.

The Walker Family | Sydney Family Photographer

My absolute favourite kind of sessions are the slow ones where we just hang out at home, pottering around exploring, playing, just enjoying each other's company. That's what this session was all about. It was the most glorious chilled out Half Day in the Life session, and after so much rain I was worried that the sun wouldn't come out during their session but it did! 

Interested in a Half Day in the Life Session for your own family? Head over here.