The McKee Family | Sydney Hills District Family Photographer

Just an ordinary day, at home. Doing life. This my friends, is what I MOST love to capture. This is what fills my heart, what inspires me on a daily basis. Finding those little moments that make a family unique, that show the love and beauty that exists in everyday life. 

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm completely booked for films through Feb 2018. I have gotten numerous enquiries lately asking for sessions between now and then and I hate saying no but I serve my clients and family best when I stick to the limited number of sessions that I've set each month. If you'd like to get on my calendar for next year, now is the time to do so. Our family is heading overseas this week so if you don't hear back straight away, don't fret I will be in touch as soon as I'm able. <3 

Hanging out with the Physick Family | Sydney Family Photographer

Backyard shenanigans. Good times mandatory. Clothing optional.

Mornings | Hills District Family Photographer

It's been awhile since I blogged, mainly because we just moved into a new house and things have been a little hectic. 

I find myself having super short windows of opportunity to make pictures of our life right now, and they tend to be really early in the morning before the to do lists of the day take over. So here are a few recent mornings over the last couple of weeks.

17 April 2017

27 April 2017

2 May 2017

The Fitt Family | Sydney Family Photographer

It's always such a huge honour when a photographer hires you to document her family, particularly for a second time! I photographed them for the first time in 2015 when their youngest was just a baby and when she asked me again for a session this year I was super excited, not only because I love hanging out with them (seriously they have me in stitches of laughter 90% of the time), but because I got to see and document how much the kids have grown as well. Here's a little peek into the beautiful Saturday morning I spent with them.

The Walker Family | Sydney Family Photographer

My absolute favourite kind of sessions are the slow ones where we just hang out at home, pottering around exploring, playing, just enjoying each other's company. That's what this session was all about. It was the most glorious chilled out Half Day in the Life, and after so much rain I was worried that the sun wouldn't come out during their session but it did! 

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Muddy Puddles | Sydney Family Photographer

We're moving soon, and this place is just around the corner from us. We don't go there that often but it's the first place we went when we moved in and it holds a special place in my heart.

Welcoming Felix | Sydney Newborn Photographer

I spent the most amazing morning with this family just hanging out, having a milk bath, and riding bikes.  Sessions like this one are where my heart is. 

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Moments that Matter { Because the light is pretty. }

Every night before bed, my daughter has to crack the blinds open just a bit so she can "see" since the sun doesn't go down here until 8pm these days. But since the sun rises behind the house, it blasts through that crack in the morning which as a photographer I love, but as a tired non-morning person mom I kinda don't love! On this particular morning though I got up and grabbed my camera, determined to make lemonade out of lemons. The goal was to figure out how many different photographs I could make with the pretty light before she woke up. So that's what I did.

The first set that are closer up are with my Sigma Art 35mm and the three at the end are with my lensbaby. 

This post is part of a blog circle that I'm in called Moments that Matter where we share personal photos from moments we've documented each month. Head over to Lauren Kennedy's blog to see what she's been up to this month!

Car Wash | Sydney Hills District Family Photographer

My husband wasn't too impressed when I came outside to take pictures instead of help wash the cars.

He'll thank me later. ;)

Best Friends | Hills District Family Photographer

These two.... I love the way they play together. Sure they fight sometimes, they make each other crazy, they make ME crazy, but then there are these times where they are just SO good together. They play and play and play. The school holidays have been amazing for their relationship to blossom and grow, and it's been such a joy to witness.

A Morning with Papa | Sydney Family Photographer

It's always so rewarding having clients return time and time again. I've photographed Lorna's family since her youngest was in her belly. And last year when her sister Alison had her little one, I filmed and photographed her as a newborn. So when they decided to book me for a Half Day in the Life Session that was focused around the kids spending the morning with their Grandpa I was of course extremely excited and honoured. Lorna and Alison lost their mother to cancer over 7 years ago and they know first hand how precious and important it is to document this time they have together. Before that time is gone. I love that I was able to do this for them, to document their time together honestly, and to capture their relationships exactly as they are. I love that the girls will have these photos and the film of their Grandpa forever to look back on and show their own children one day. This is the reason why I do this work. It's not just for us. It's for them.

There will be a film from this session, but for now.... the photos.

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Mothering Two Boys | Hills District Family Photographer

The life of a mum with two boys is one part exhilarating, two parts exhausting. 

I absolutely ADORE this Half Day in the Life Session I did recently with this mum and her two boys. I am completely in love with old houses, I love the history, I love the light, I love the character, just everything about them is interesting to me. Add to that two crazy adorable boys and a mum who works so hard day in and day out caring for them, and loving them. I think these images are going to be extremely special to these boys when they are older, and at the end of the day that's the reason why I do this. It's not just for you as a parent to have beautiful photos. It's for the kids to find one day as they search through the attic. It's for them to share with their kids, and with their grandkids. It's the legacy of their childhood, a moment stopped in time, an aide to the stories they'll tell about their heritage.

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Short Stories | Sydney Family Lifestyle Photographer

Occasionally I get families that just want pretty pictures at the beach, so that's what we do ;)   

I love documenting families in their element at home, doing everyday things. But I also love creating beautiful lifestyle portraits that show personality and tell a story in a shorter time frame. This is from a recent Short Stories session at a beach near this families home that they go to all the time. I love the significance of this location, as well as the pure love and joy that this family radiates when they are together. 

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An Afternoon with the Banks Family

Last weekend I travelled to Perth and photographed + filmed this beautiful little family while I was there. Jasmine is a photographer herself and although it's always extremely daunting when another photographer hires you, it's also just such a privilege because you know that she never gets to be in the photos with her kids. She's always the one taking them. So to be asked to be the one that captures her relationship with her family was pretty special indeed.

Here is their film + few of my favourites photos from the day.

Golfing | Sydney Family Photographer

We took the kids to the driving range yesterday even though it was a million degrees. C is starting at a golf camp next week, and L just loves being out there playing with the boys. To keep myself interested, I brought my camera. I really really love the shots of the three of them where C and his Dad are swinging the club at the same time, and Lydia is standing there oblivious to them, entirely in her own world. 

A Princess Dress Obsession | Moments that Matter

I had a pretty epic week last week, shooting behind the scenes (both video and photography) for Von Wong and Story Art that had me hanging out on top of cliffs in the Blue Mountains, and spending a bit more time away from my kids than normal. I love working on projects with other creatives but man I missed my kids. 

The day after I got home, L found this dress in the garage that I had hidden because when I bought it she was too little for it. So finding it was like finding gold to her and she insisted on wearing it the entire day. She was also extra clingy and wanted to lay in her bed with me, so when we went to bed and she was adjusting the blinds, I grabbed my camera. Then naturally she started spinning, and then she wanted her hair down, and then eventually she crashed. I love these little moments with her and I feel so lucky to be able to capture them in my camera the way that I feel them in my heart. <3

This post is part of a blog circle with some other incredible artists called Moments that Matter. Click here to see what Lauren Kennedy has been up to! 

Nail Painting | Moments that Matter

I can't even begin to describe how lucky we are to have Addison back with us for awhile. Balancing a business with being a mom is a really tough gig. 

Naturally the kids were also thrilled. Addison was the first to ever paint Lydia's nails and I'm certain that Lydia remembers this because within 2 days she was sitting on Addison's lap asking to paint nails. I love the bond between them. I love that I can leave and know that Addison has it all under control. That she loves the kids the way that I love them, and that they love her too. 

So naturally this is a moment that I wanted to stop and document. For Addison. For me. But mostly, for Lydia. Because these photo's tell the story of a little girl and a young woman and a bond that will be there forever. 

This post is part of a blog circle I'm in with a group of amazing artists called Moments that Matter. To follow the circle, click here and see what matters to Cindy Cavanagh this month.

An Afternoon with the Christie Family

The best part about my job, is that I get to go back into the homes of these families that I love and see how much the kids have changed since I was there last. I can't even describe how privileged I feel to be the photographer they've chosen to regularly document their family. 

Here's a little glimpse into a regular afternoon with the Christie Family.

If you'd like me to document an afternoon with your family, get in touch here.

An Afternoon with the Gonder Family | Sydney Family Photographer

The first time I met Sarah, I instantly connected with her. She is one of those people who puts you at ease, and makes you feel comfortable straight away. Sarah and Nick hold a very special place in my heart. They were where it all began for me when I first started shooting client sessions with a more documentary approach. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it feels to have done three shoots with this family now, to see them grow as a family and in the meanwhile see myself grow as a photographer. It's incredibly rewarding.

Let me tell you a little bit about Sarah and Nick as parents. When I spend time at their home, I feel this sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. Their eldest Ollie, is kind and compassionate, observant and inquisitive. A direct result of the patient and nurturing parenting that Sarah and Nick provide him with on a daily basis. He has a beautiful garden to play in, loads of opportunities to help out and learn by doing, and as a result he is a secure and confident little boy. This year they welcomed another little boy into their family, Lachy, and I am certain he will thrive with Sarah and Nick as his parents as well. He fits into the family as though he's always been there, and Ollie is completely smitten with his little brother.

One of the most interesting parts of this family's story is how they came to live in this beautiful old home that's been in their family for generations. So I've asked Sarah to share with me a little bit about how she and Nick met, how they came to live in this house, and what it means to her to raise her family there. This is what she said.

The year we welcome our second little boy into the world is also the year we celebrate 15 years as a couple. We met at church youth group when I was 16 years old. A friend invited me along on a Friday night, in my final year of high school, and I remember meeting Nick and laughing and laughing—I wanted to be friends with him right away. He was warm, and funny, with the most infectious smile. I laughed so hard my sides hurt, and couldn’t wait to meet him again.

And I did. We both loved the beach. We’d both spent our childhood holidays in the Snowy Mountains, and shared a dream to one day spend the rest of our lives there. We both loved the Beatles. And, well, the rest was history.

Three and a half years later he proposed as we walked along a trail in the snowy mountains, and four and a half years after we met we were married, at 21 and 23 years old.

For the first few years of our marriage, we lived in a leaky, rundown house out past Blacktown, until we were offered something pretty special—my grandma’s house. Right next door to my aunt, uncle and youngest cousin (my best friend!), and backed by another cousin and his fiancée (who’d later have a little boy born right inbetween ours—I know they’re going to have the most wonderful friendships as they grow up together), it felt so right, and we were so glad to share this little corner of a block. In the middle of the suburbs, I sometimes feel that we’re in another place entirely, far away from the busy roads, shops and life in a busy city.

Nestled in amongst leafy trees and gardens my grandma established and my husband has nurtured, my mum and I always commented that this house gave us such a lovely feeling. Welcome and comfort and calm. This house is filled with memories, and reminds me of family, and I’m so lucky to be able to raise mine here. The walls were painted by my aunt and uncle and cousins. Nick and my mother and father in law worked together building the deck my gorgeous two year old plays on every day. Every evening we eat dinner at the table my mother ate at as a child. While I’ve always believed home is people, more than a building—I’m so glad to call this house ours.
— S Gonder

It's such a gorgeous story, and I just think their house is amazing. I know exactly what she means about it feeling welcome and calm. It's one of those places that you could go to and stay at until the sun goes down without realising you've even been away. It feels like a country home, yet it's in a busy suburb of Sydney. Old homes aren't easy. The amount of love and care that goes into making it a tranquil place to raise a family in doesn't go unnoticed, at least not by me. I can see how hard they both work at it. To create this beautiful, peaceful place for their children. 

This session went for 4 hours, and included a set of images as well as a family film. Memories documented in motion. Lachy's smile, Ollie's laughter, Sarah's nurturing heart, and Nick's playfulness. All wrapped up in a beautiful film just for them. Click play below to watch.