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Your life. In motion.

Ready for something entirely different that takes the old school home movie to a new level? 

Imagine being able to go back and re-live a day in your childhood with your family. To see the house you lived in, hear the laughter, and feel that love again. That's what I want to create for your children.

A family film is the ultimate keepsake for your family. It's pressing pause on this one day to record your family's memories and have the ability to replay them any time that you like. It is the most incredible gift you could give your children, and yourself. In 30 years from now, this will be your family's most treasured possession. 






I create soulful images and films full of emotion, love, and real moments that are so timeless and classic that looking back at them transports people right back to that moment in time and brings on a wave of nostalgia so real that they feel it in their bones.

Hi there!

I started out filming families, using just my camera and my instincts. My love for video came from a lifetime of involvement in the creative arts as a singer, musician, actress, and photographer with a love for storytelling. My dad made home movies of me has a child, which are now my family's most treasured possessions to date and fuel my passion for filming my own family.

With his encouragement, I started shooting video on my DSLR and fell in love with the entire process of filming, incorporating music, and storytelling. What I love the most about filmmaking is that each time I watch a film I've made of my children, I feels like I am able to relive those moments over and over.

The clients I work with seek me out for my approach to documenting everyday life and ability to create beautiful images for them without any pressure to perform or be anything but themselves. They tend to feel a strong connection to their home, to their family, and to the idea of preserving memories and stories that can be handed down to their children and their children's children. 

In 2017 I was named one of Clickin Mom's Top 100 Photographers to Watch, was interviewed on the PhotobizXPosed Podcast, and presented at The Baby Summit - an international conference for photographers.

In 2018 I created the FilmingLife Academy, and have taught filmmaking to hundreds of family photographers world wide. On June 20/21 I will be teaching a class at CreativeLive, and in August I'll be teaching at The Family Narrative in Sydney, Australia.

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If you're looking for a traditional, everyone smile at the camera kind of portrait you've come to the wrong place. 

Forget the awkward poses, and forced smiles. Let the kids be kids and forget about trying to look perfect. Let's capture all the inbetween moments, the life you're living today, right now, and create a beautiful, priceless work of art out of it (you can leave that last part to me).

Imagine how much easier it will be to tell your partner that he/she won't actually have to do anything except be themselves during the session. Think about how stress free it will be to just do your normal thing and enjoy spending time with your kids.








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Kind Words

From people who've let me into their lives.

As a photographer I fell in love with the idea of using video in sessions and Courtney’s online course really inspired me to delve into that much further where I learnt a lot (and still are!!) ...I then had the pleasure of having Courtney do a family film, and it is without doubt the best investment of memories of our little ones. I could not recommend Courtney enough to anyone! Do it!!!
— Jasmine Banks
Courtney is such a talented woman. I feel like I’ve been searching for a photographer like her my whole life. Someone who can capture our beautiful little day to day moments the way I see them. Nothing fake or forced, just genuine moments that feel like “us”. My daughter will cherish these photos of us together when she’s all grown up. My husband and I cherish them right now and we can’t thank her enough.
— Tarynn Walker
Courtney’s work is breathtakingly lovely and beautiful! We were lucky enough to have her for a documentary style session in our home, and from the moment she stepped through the door she put us all at ease and utterly charmed my toddler! I will treasure the photos she took of us together forever. I can’t thank Courtney enough for documenting these moments and memories for us!
— Sarah Gonder

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I tend to book out for family films about 9-12 months in advance, and for photography sessions about 3-6 months in advance so if you would like to get on my calendar for a session, it's best to contact me early! I would love to chat with you about working with your family! Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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