Imagine being able to go back and re-live a day in your childhood with your parents. To see the house you lived in, hear the laughter, and feel that love again. Let's create that for your children.


I want to see your life the way it truly is. Forget the awkward poses, and forced smiles. Let's let the kids roll around in the mud and take pictures of that! Ok maybe not that, but let's not be afraid to show your real selves doing the things that you really do together as a family. Let's capture all the in between moments, the life you're living today, right now, and create a beautiful, priceless work of art out of it (you can leave that last part to me).

Imagine how much easier it will be to tell your partner that he/she won't actually have to do anything except be themselves during the session. Think about how stress free it will be to just do your normal thing and enjoy spending time with your kids together.

It takes courage to allow someone to come to your house and document your family exactly as you are. But I guarantee that these candid, real moments are going to be the ones you will treasure above and beyond anything else.


I specialise in photographing and filming four hour "Day in the Life Sessions", where I hang out with your family for the morning or the afternoon and capture real moments in a photojournalistic way. Interested in what that looks like? See a full session here.


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