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Meet Courtney

Even if you have eleventy billion pictures on your phone and you’re sure you're making the photographs that document what matters most to you, there are potentially valuable pieces of your everyday life that are missing from your photo roll.

How many times have you only later realised the significance of a moment? The nuances that make your family your family. The inside jokes, the glances you share, the countdown calendar to the opening date of the next Pixar movie. Pictures tell the story of your lives.

And you show up differently when you know that the moment matters. 

But what about the things you might already remember, but want a deeper connection to?

That’s my job. That’s what I do for you. 

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I’m Courtney Holmes, and I draw from my own experience of being a mum to create visual stories of your family life that matter most to you.


It was through the lack of sleep haze and trying to figure out just how to be a parent that I can now look back and realise the things I didn’t know I was missing:

The way my daughter would curl her finger around mine at every feed

The way my son would lie beside me on a blanket in the front yard to watch the stars come out after the sun went down

The way she would make picnics out of play food on our wood floor & make me taste every single piece

the way he'd hold my hand as he walked into kindergarten and would squeeze three times before letting go

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When you’re always the one taking the photos, you leave an empty space in your family album where you were supposed to be.


 I wish I’d documented those instances better. I wish I had photos of those Between my exasperation of doing what I thought I needed to do and trying to incorporate what I wanted to do, those are the things that left me empty, wishing I could go back and revisit them. And I want you to have fewer of those thoughts as your family grows and changes. 

YOU are the reason I do what I do. 

YOU are the reason I get teary when I edit the films and images of your family—because you don’t know how exquisite you are until you see it. Until you feel it.

I had post-natal depression after my daughter was born, and the more mums I meet, the more I realise how much I undeniably understand how to create something meaningful that helps you feel seen and hopeful, especially when you might be feeling that life can just be really hard. I see you there. I’ll meet you there. And we’ll find a way into the light through what we create together. 

I promise you your daily routine is more significant than you think.

Let’s talk.