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Creator of Films and Photos for Families


Parenting isn’t always easy. But in looking at your life frame by imperfect frame, I’ll help you see just how beautiful it is.


You can breathe life into these memories without leaving the comfort of your home.

Having a film and photos made within your own four walls boosts your children’s self-esteem; it’s where they begin to find how they see themselves in the world. And films are the visual stories that help your kids explore their amazement.

At who they are. At who you are to them. At who they are becoming.

This is what you dreamed of when you set out to be a parent.

This is what makes your life richer. 

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I’m Courtney Holmes, and I make films and photographs for real families, like yours.

Because in the blink of an eye, “someday” becomes a year from now. And through the harried-ness of your daily routine, tiny but meaningful things are happening within your little crew. Things you don’t know you’re missing. Things you’ll always want to remember.


I can promise you that I won’t ever ask you to look at me and smile for the camera, and that I’ll help you to see the magic that you’re creating for yourselves, just by being who you are. But I can’t promise that you won’t cry (in the good way!) when you see it.

Because you’ll see that what you’re doing is enough.


This truly is the time of your life.

And time together is the driving force behind why I do what I do. Almost every single one of my clients has told me how fantastic it was just to hang out together during their session, playing with the kids—and how much their kids enjoyed that. How much they needed that. How much we all need that. 

And the place where you’re most relaxed together is in the home that you love. Being there helps me see who you really are, so I can create meaningful portraits and films full of personality, love, humour, and emotion. And behind those favourite art pieces of yours, if your walls could talk, they might mention . . .

. . .the regular before-6 am wake-up calls that you dread (and maybe with a mention of the middle-of-the-night tiny intruder who sneaks into your bed and wakes you up with a kick to the face) . . . the nightly battles over cleaning their teeth . . . how your life flashes before your eyes when your son pours himself a cup of milk from the liter jug . . . the tea party where you felt like you were more of a hostage than a guest . . . his temper tantrum because he wanted an orange that was a different colour . . . or the night you and your partner talked about how you didn’t know love until you became a parent, and that’s because you finally understood how much you love sleep.

Or, those walls might simply say that fantastic, funny, caring, maddening, loving, exquisite humans live here.


There are only 940 Saturdays between when your child is born and when they leave home.

Let’s capture one.


“I don’t always get to achieve my ideal as the type of mum I want to be. But our day with Courtney gave me the space to be that mum. Since then, I’m more present for my kids, and I hope those moments are what my kids remember.” 

-Bree Hulme

“Courtney somehow captured the essence of our family - there is something special about being able to see my children laugh, to hear their voices and to see them come to life on screen. Nothing compares. I love that those moments are recorded forever.”

-Erica Massingham


So even on the days when you’ve had way too much coffee and parenting feels a bit like being a firefighter and putting out fires but everyone’s yelling about lost socks and criticising your cooking, there’s connection in those moments. Seeing yourselves in real time will always serve as a reminder of that. 

Films that show you the magic in your "mundane."

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