It's real life. It's the everyday routines. It's pressing pause on this one day to record your family's memories and be able to replay them whenever you like.

To put it simply, a Day in the Life session is where I come hang out at your house for a few hours while you go about your normal, everyday life.

If you love spending time with your family, you embrace that life isn't always perfect, and you can appreciate the beauty in each phase of your life, then this is the right kind of session for you.

A four hour session designed to give plenty of time for normal everyday routines to be documented. Comprised completely of photos, you can expect a large gallery full of unique images. Plan on laughing and/or crying when you see these images, you'll be surprised at the moments I manage to capture without you even realising.

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Basically the same as the above except you also get to see all the wonderful unique personalities of your family members in motion instead of just still photos. It's the ultimate way to preserve your family's memories.

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This is a shorter session with more guidance than a half day in the life session (known in the photography world as a "lifetsyle" session). These generally go for about one and a half hours, either in home or on location. Due to the short time frame, films are not available with this session.

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