A storyteller. A keen listener. A lover of all things ordinary.

Image by my dear friend Nat from Nat Knight Photography

Image by my dear friend Nat from Nat Knight Photography

My favourite images are the kind that tell a story about the people in them. The kind of images that aren't just pretty and technically perfect, but the kind that make the person looking at them FEEL something. 

I create soulful images and films full of emotion, love, and real moments that are so timeless and classic that looking back at them transports people right back to that moment in time and brings on a wave of nostalgia so real that they feel it in their bones.

The clients I work with seek me out for my approach to documenting everyday life and ability to create beautiful images for them without any pressure to perform or be anything but themselves. They tend to feel a strong connection to their home, to their family, and to the idea of preserving memories and stories that can be handed down to their children and their children's children. 

I'm an American born, Sydney-sider specialising in telling the stories of families through photography and films. 

At the tender age of 21, I met and married the love of my life who swept me off my feet and brought me to live in Australia where I've loved living ever since. Together we have had two young children who are my muses and the reason why I became passionate about documenting family life. During my sessions I draw on 18+ years of experience as a storyteller/musician to create a nostalgic experience for my clients in my work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional storytelling. My work has been described as soulful, earthy, honest, and emotional.

In 2017 I was named one of Clickin Mom's Top 100 Photographers to Watch, was interviewed on the PhotobizXPosed Podcast, and presented at The Baby Summit - an international conference for photographers.

I am also passionate about teaching my approach to filmmaking for families to photographers around the world, so that more and more families can have this legacy to leave to their children and grandchildren. I do this over at Filming Life.

Click play on the video below to see a piece of my heart.