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FRESH 48 Special Offer! 

Now that I've locked in a couple more days of childcare through the week, I would absolutely LOVE to fill some of my mornings with squishy new babies.

What exactly IS a FRESH 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 session is held within 48 hours of your precious baby arriving earthside. Sessions last an hour or so, and take place in hospital or at home if you've had a home birth.

These sessions are the perfect way to capture all of the sweetness that is your newborn baby, in a relaxed environment, without any pressure to drive to a studio, get the perfect pose or wear the perfect outfit. These sessions are about you, your baby, and the first couple of days that pass by all too quickly.

If you love natural, earthy, organic newborn images that focus on connection and emotion, then this is the perfect session for you.

And because I love photographing babies so much, I'm running a special offer limited to the first THREE people that book a FRESH 48 session between now and 10 Dec 2017.

Peaked your interest? All you need to do is fill in the form below and I'll all the details straight to you!