Frequently Asked Questions

Why book a family photography or film session?
Because in 30 years from now, your children deserve to have a glimpse of what everyday life was like when they were little. Because in 30 years from now, YOU deserve to be reminded of how far you’ve come, and how much of yourself you gave to your kids. Exploring nature, braiding unruly hair, cooking meals together, snuggling in bed, kissing imaginary bruises, washing tiny babies, building forts in the lounge room, playing, and living together as a family. These are all the things that make up the magic of childhood and deserve to be documented and treasured for forever and ever.

We’ve never been professionally photographed or filmed before. Will we need to look at the camera a lot?
I capture moments naturally as they unfold, so there’s no need to direct your words or expressions towards the camera at all. You can simply relax and be yourselves, and leave everything to me. Before you know it, you probably won't even notice when I'm taking a photo or filming! You can simply be yourselves, and let me do what I do best.

How much will it cost?
Session fee's range from $200-500 and collections start at $1195. Get in touch for a complete price list.

How much do we need to pay to book?
Depending on the session type that you book, I require payment of the session fee (between $200-$500) secure your session date. 

Do you offer other prints or products?
Sure do, get in touch to plan a custom design for your home.

We are so keen to invest in this, but money is a little tight. Can we arrange a payment plan?
Of course! I can set up a payment plan custom to your needs. Get in touch and we will work out the details.