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Session Information

Each session is tailored just for you. Are you morning or evening people? Do you want to know what it looks like when your child crawls into your bed in the morning, or see that special routine at bedtime, or witness how much you value those snuggly afternoon naps more than (almost) anything? 

And if you’re worried that your littles might not be on their best behaviour, you can relax. With the kinds of sessions I do, your kids get to be kids. The goal here isn’t to document a perfectly styled version of your life, it’s to capture the REAL version of your life. Because the hard stuff is worth remembering too. Perfection doesn’t exist, and the personalities that come out when kids are free to be themselves is way better than whatever our grown up pre-conceived notions of them are.

It’s all about meeting kids where they are, keeping things relaxed, and going with the flow.

And it’s what I do best.


I offer the option of films or photos or both for each of my sessions below. A family film captures the essence of your family. It’s like pressing pause for one day to record your memories, giving you the ability to replay them any time that you like. Photos are classic, timeless records of the beautiful life you’re living. They become the art for your walls, and the keepers of your family’s story. You can choose one or the other, but the most popular choice for most clients is both. 

If you had 60 seconds to grab everything in your house that means the most to you, your film and your photos will be on that list.

What's involved? It's an easy, laid-back day. I'm less like a photographer asking you to look at me and smile, and more like a friend hanging out with you who just happened to bring her camera. I won’t be shooting the whole time, instead picking moments to document as I see them.

Through this different perspective, expect lots of tears and laughs when you get to see just how wonderful your life together is as you gather around the computer to see your photos and snuggle up on the couch to watch your film. Ideal for the family who wants to remember all the nuances of everyday life and celebrate the importance of the here and now. It all begins with a phone consult with me where we’ll plan your session around what’s most meaningful to you.

I offer three packages, outlined below:


A Full Day in Your Life

This session is the ultimate way to document your everyday family life. I’ll arrive early in the morning and capture the uniqueness of mornings in your home. The slow making of coffee and pancakes, snuggles in bed, the messy hair and sleepy eyes. Throughout the day, you’ll do all the things you’d normally do as I capture the nuances of your family and the connections that naturally occur between you. Your normal routine stays the same, and I just tag along. These sessions are unposed, and undirected. 


Film Only (7-8 min long): $5000 

Photos Only (80 High Res Files): $4000

Film + Photos: $5500

20180512_Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_ 5590.jpg

A Half Day in Your Life

This is my most popular session type. Similar to the Full Day in Your Life Session, except a shorter version (4hrs instead of 8). You’ll choose between a morning or afternoon session and I’ll capture the everyday moments that make up your family’s authentic story. Again, your normal routine stays the same, and I just tag along. These sessions are unposed, and undirected. 


Film Only (4-5 min long): $2500 

Photos Only (50 High Res Files): $2000

Film + Photos: $3000


A Short Day in Your Life

These sessions take place in the early morning or late afternoon in your home or at a location meaningful to you. I’m with you for up to 2hrs capturing the connections and authentic story of your family as you simply hang out and play together. These sessions are unposed and undirected.


Film Only (2-3 min long): $2000 

Photos Only (30 High Res Files): $1000

Film + Photos: $2500

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For travel sessions, one night accomodation + flights costs to your location will be added to your session fee. Sessions booked in the USA are the same price as shown above, in USD.

A 20% deposit of the session fee is required to secure your date.

Let’s chat about the Story Session that’ll show you the time of your life.