Why Family Films Matter

Why Family Films Matter

I have a little challenge for you. I want you to take a moment and get your phone out. If you're reading this on your phone, then even better.

Now I want you to scroll through to the earliest video clip of your child/children that you have stored on there. If you haven't had your phone for very long then get onto your computer and find an old clip there. Try and find one that's at least 10 seconds long.

Take a moment to relive that memory in your mind. Close your eyes and try to remember what else might have happened that day, or even just remember what life was like when your child was that little.


It's an amazing feeling right?


Now think about how much they've grown up since then, how much bigger they are, and older they seem. Think about the milestones they are achieving, and the changes happening in your house and your routine. How glad are you to have these video clips of them when they were tiny?

Now imagine having 100+ of these clips pieced together to tell a story of your family (like the one at the top of this email!!). Something that is a real representation of your family together, with you in it too! A video that shows your children just how much they were loved by you. An actual film of your family professionally shot, beautifully edited, and intentionally pieced together to tell a meaningful story.

Now, imagine your child as a pre-teen, maybe struggling at school with self esteem or wondering where they fit into the world. Imagine having a film like this one that you could watch together during those difficult times. A film of them laughing and playing, exploring and creating. Imagine having multiple films each year of your child's life showing her just how beautiful he/she is. What kind of impact do you think that might have on them? I think it would be incredibly powerful.

I started shooting video because I knew I wanted more than photos of my children. And from the second I started editing that footage, I knew that other families had to have this too. Since then it's become my mission to create films for other families, particularly those who need it most.


My challenge to you is this.

Don't let another day or week go by without booking in a session for your family for this year (whether it's with me or not!). The session doesn't have to happen this month but if you put it on your calendar, then at least you know it's happening at some stage. My availability is strictly limited each month, and I often book 3-4 months in advance. I'd hate for you to miss out on your preferred dates so it's important that you plan ahead. Head over here to learn more about booking a session with me.