Why book a storytelling session with me? | Sydney Family Photographer

Let me ask you something. What are your all time favorite memories from your childhood? Think about it for a minute. For me, the summers that I spent on my grandparent's farm in Alabama growing up rank pretty high on the list of greatest memories. Laying my head in my mother's lap during sermon's at church every Sunday is another one. Fishing for crabs on the coast of Georgia, and then bringing them home to boil for a large feast with the family on the back porch. Table covered with newspaper piled high with crabs, ready to dig in. These are the memories that I wish I had photographs of. LIFE. Real life, with it's real imperfections, and it's genuine moments. There's a place for the pretty pictures with everyone looking, I get that. But when you are booking a session, really think about whether you want a snapshot of everyone looking. Or whether you want images that SPEAK TO YOUR SOUL. If I were to choose which memories to have captured with my children right now, it would be reading stories and tucking my kids in bed at night. It would be family meals at the table together.

This is a slightly new direction for me... I've been teetering on the edge of this style for quite some time, and it's the way I shoot my personal life, but I need clients who are on board with this. Who value this style and want to document these moments. If that's you, please get in touch. I'm offering substantial savings to anyone who'd like to let me be a fly on the wall in their lives.