Shooting with Soul 52 Project | Week One {Sydney Lifestyle Photographer}

Ok I'm a little behind on starting this but it's been chaotic around here! Last year I joined a wonderfully supportive and talented community of photographers called Shooting With Soul, and this year we've decided to do a 52 project which means each week we will post an image with a set theme.

The first theme, week one, is called "Resolution" of course! I don't really make New Year's resolutions so this was actually a challenge for me. During this first week of the year, my parents who were visiting us in Sydney from their home in Tennessee, were unexpectedly called back due to the passing of my father's mother. It was a really sad time for all of us and I must admit I just didn't have it in me to use my camera much that week. So instead, I've chosen an image that was taken the week before of my father and my daughter together on our couch. My Dad has been the biggest influence on my journey with photography, and I guess if there was a resolution for me to make this year it would be to continue to make him proud. I am blown away by where I am now in comparison to this time last year, and I can only hope that I continue this drive to learn more and push myself creatively. I feel blessed and so extremely fortunate to be doing what I love for a living. Last year was amazing (professionally), and this year can only get better.

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