our trip to fingal bay - sydney family photographer

My absolute favorite place in the world is the beach.  Doesn't matter which beach, any beach will do.  The relaxing rhythm of the waves, the bright sun warming your skin, the soft sand molding to your body.  I could sleep there for hours.  So for my birthday this year my husband organised a family trip for us to go up to Fingal Bay, and man was it beautiful.  So relaxing, even with two kids under 4!  I loved every minute of it.  Can't wait to go back. 20140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1-220140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer220140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer320140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer420140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer620140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1220140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1320140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1520140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1620140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1720140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1820140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1920140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer2220140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer2320140531Sydney_Hills District_Photographer24