My opinion on labels | Sydney Hills District Photographer

Life gets a bit messy sometimes. Hills District Family PhotographyI've been thinking about labels today as I've been going through my website. Ever since I started transitioning from lifestyle to documentary I've felt like I've had to label my work with either one or the other. In fact, today as I was going through all of my old work I started removing things, keeping others, and I found myself thinking - is this "documentary" enough? Seriously. That's what I was thinking. Not, do I love this, is this me, is this work I want to be doing more of...

I started thinking more about why I was feeling this way, and I realised that there is absolutely nothing that squashes my creativity more than labeling myself as one thing or another. Ever since I let go of the notion that I had to deliver a recipe of images to my clients based on a shot list that "every family has to have", I have been happier and more successful as an artist. I don't do well with creating images that "sell". I just create what I see. It might be what I see while I'm observing. It might be something I see in my mind and then make happen with some guidance. Either way, it's just me. And that's what why people hire me.

Luckily there's a small group of people that like what I create. So today I've decided, I'm done with labels. I'm a family photographer, making images that I love and that's enough for me.