Beyond the Wanderlust Publication - October Issue

Hills District Family Photographer The day I created this image, in February of this year, was the same day I realised that filming life was the thing that my heart had been searching for, for my entire existence. I set my camera to video with the goal to capture my daughter in this pivotal moment, just a simple bath in our kitchen sink.

Knowing I would never have another baby small enough to fit, it was crucial for me to create a video of her that I had already seen in my heart. I'm so honoured to have my story featured in Beyond the Wanderlust's October issue of their magazine. To see their active facebook page head here. To purchase a copy and read the full story of how I began filming life and why, head over here.

The film I made (which still makes me cry when I watch it!) is below.  Completely self taught, completely raw and organic, I fell deeply in love with the entire process and only now looking back on it do I realise the significance of that moment when I decided to take the leap and start filming our life.