a maternity session at rouse hill - Sydney hills district photographer

I think this maternity shoot is one of the ones that I'm most proud of.  I wanted to try out a new location, which is always a bit nerve-wracking because you just never know what it's going to be like on the day.  I did some scouting the day before and was pretty happy with the sunlight but I was a little concerned about getting a variety of images.  If you've done a session with me you know I like to change things up! I really love having different backgrounds to choose from, so I'm always looking for spots that allow for a bit of variety.  This one was just amazing.  The afternoon sunlight was soft, and warm.  Louise looked absolutely stunning.  As I was finishing off editing their gallery tonight I just had to post a few more of my favorites. 20140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer120140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer220140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer320140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer420140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer520140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer620140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer720140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer820140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer920140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1020140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1120140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1220140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1320140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1420140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1520140518Sydney_Hills District_Photographer16