A Family + Babywearing Session at Nurragingy Reserve - Hills District Family Photographer

This family session at Nurragingy was blessed with the most BEAUTIFUL sunlight filtering in through the trees.  I just love Nurragingy, there are so many possibilities and options for gorgeous light.  This family was a ton of fun to work with, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!  This session was actually done several months ago, but I'm catching up on my blogging, hence why it's just here now!!  Here are some of my favorites <3 20140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer220140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer320140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer420140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer520140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer620140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer120140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer1-220140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer720140504Sydney_Hills District_Photographer8