A Dress Up Story | Shooting With Soul Blog Circle | Sydney Lifestyle Photographer

So I was walking past this children's boutique the other day at Rouse Hill Town Centre and I saw this gorgeous long dress in the window.  Lydia loves to wear pretty dresses, and scarves, and shoes.... so I thought I have to get this dress for her and capture this stage in her life. She has an old doll which belonged to my aunt that she carries around with her everywhere, and the dress just matched the Victorian look that the doll has perfectly. With that in mind, I purchased the dress and we went home for lunch and a nap. While she was asleep, I snuck downstairs and pulled out this old vintage couch that a friend of mine gave me and I set up the front room as our little studio so to speak. And man, do I love these images. The result was gorgeous. We had to pick up her brother from preschool, so we headed out to get him and she refused to take the dress off. On our way home Cooper asked to go to the park and I thought, hey good idea! So we stopped at Rouse Hill Regional Park and I got some more shots of her in the field that I love so much.I love these photo's because it is so very much her. The images really give you a sense of her more quiet and nurturing side. <3

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This is the first month that I've participated in the Shooting With Soul Blog Circle, and I'm so excited that I've managed to get in this month! I joined this lovely group of photographers last year and the amount of talent in there is just insane. It's so nice to have a supportive network of photographers that are going through the same things as you to bounce ideas off of and lean on for support. Make sure that after you finishing scrolling through the images below you come back and follow this link over to Kelli's blog at COLOUR OF LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY to see more gorgeous images.