A day at the carnival | Hills District Photographer

So we went on our family holiday recently. We spent 4 days down the south coast at a little AirBNB home. It was so beautiful down there, and we had an amazing and relaxing time. I currently have a long list of sessions to edit from November and December so I haven't been picking up my camera for personal work as much. And during this holiday I really wanted to focus on being present in the moment rather than just observing and taking pictures. So that's what I did for the most part. Except when we decided to go to the carnival. I had to bring my camera. And the last picture is from when we went to the old movie theatre with the kids, that my husband grew up going to (and helping out at!) when his uncle was the owner. 20160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00120160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00220160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00320160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00520160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00620160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00720160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00820160112_Hills District Family Photographer_00920160112_Hills District Family Photographer_01020160112_Hills District Family Photographer_01120160114_Hills District Family Photographer_012