Valentine-Davies Family Film + Photos | Brisbane Family Photographer

About a year and a half ago now I went to a photography retreat with a group of friends in QLD where I had the most amazing time and met this incredibly talented photographer Gemma who told me that she had plans to book me to film her family one day. I of course was excited because I love Gemma and also because I really love getting other photographers in the frame. And so when I was making plans to teach at The Family Narrative in QLD she booked in a session with me for a couple of days beforehand and I am SO SO GLAD SHE DID! Gemma is the kind of person who I could easily just sit and talk to for hours, and watching her with her family was so inspiring. And then listening to Gemma and James talk about how they ended up in Australia, and how much they love their kids, and watching them play and interact together as a family. It was all just so SO amazing, and they made me feel like another member of their family.

Gemma and James (and Chantelle, Niamh, Jenson, Delilah, and even Zeus!!) thank you so much for inviting me in. For opening up your home and your hearts to me, and for trusting me to create a film that captures the essence of your family, just the way you are. You all have a very special place in my heart. <3

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