Personal Keepsake Film | Cooper at 7

We took a much needed break and headed up the coast this week for some family time. I feel like time is slipping away with my oldest sometimes. He's changing so much, becoming so much more connected emotionally to the people around him. He's maturing, developing a hilarious sense of humour, and taking in experiences with his whole being. He loved the ocean. We don't visit it often enough, so I definitely have plans to change that this year. But seeing him there, and knowing how the ocean makes me feel, made me realise how much we both need to spend more time out in nature this year. Something I've also realised, is just how much he needs me. I thought he'd need me less as he got older, but I've realised he needs me more. And not busy, stressed, tired me. He needs the strong version of me. The self cared version of me. The version of me that can help him navigate the emotional rollercoaster of growing up. And that's been a huge wakeup call. So more nature for both of us. Less busy. More simple. That's the goal this year.

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