Redmon Family Film + Photos | New Zealand Family Photography

This film right here was made during my time in New Zealand when I did a full day in the life session for my dear friend Allison Redmon and her family. They stayed at an Airbnb set in the most beautiful countryside and asked me to come film/photograph a day for them and I loved every minute of it. Minus the visions in my head of myself rolling backwards off these hills we climbed! 😂 Thankfully that didn't happen. Although there were a few times when I was climbing in the mud that I wondered whether I'd save myself or my camera first.

I really wanted this film to show the reality of adventuring with three small children, but I also wanted it to show the magic that I witnessed unfold in these tiny little moments in between snacks and naps. And then of course I also really wanted to bring in the beauty of the landscape that was their own little cocoon away from everything.

Watching Allison and Andrew parent was truly awe-inspiring. I love that not only did they make this trip happen for their kids to experience, but they really and truly made the most out of every single moment they were there. I kid you not when I say they did these hikes once, sometimes twice daily. The fact that they made sure the kids saw and experienced everything they could when they could have easily just stayed inside nice and warm by the fire is a testament to their commitment to showing their kids what it means to not take this life for granted.

Here’s what Allison said after seeing her film:

“I tried to make you a video message but there were way too many tears to make that happen.  And now I’m trying to write words out to you but even these feel inadequate.

That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  Every single thing about it, I feel so deeply.  It’s so SO full of love and… my babies, my sweet babies.…  I feel like this really shows Andrew and I how beautiful our family is, and maybe we didn’t realize it before we watched this… ?  But you showed it to us. 

Thank you my friend… I feel like that isn’t enough to convey how much I love this.  But I feel like you’ve opened my eyes to really SEE my kids.

And all the details that were our holiday, you had them there but you told our story in the most beautiful way possible amidst the story of the holiday.  I could watch this a thousand times and not get tired of it.  Truly … deeply… from every single fiber of my being, thank you so much for this gift.  I’m … humbled by it in every single way possible.  And that this amazing amazing thing was created by you, one of my closest friends in the whole world, makes it just that much more of an incredible thing.  

Truly… deeply.. thank you for this.”

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