Our trip to Dubbo | Moments that Matter

Last April during school holidays Addison (our lovely au pair) and I decided to jump in the car with the kids and visit our family in Dubbo.

The first day we went to Dubbo Zoo, and stayed in a hotel across the road. Then the next day we went out to a beautiful garden with my Aunty Lynne (my husband's aunt really but she may as well be mine!), and then out to Andy's farm Bowenleigh which was absolutely incredible. Andy is our cousin Sally's partner of several years and the farm has been in his family for generations. They had a large dam that they'd built recently, plus tons of farm animals and equipment. The kids had the best time! 

I brought along my camera, naturally, with the intention of having an amazing time whilst simultaneously filming and photographing our adventures. Let me just tell you, that attempting this is HARD WORK. It so much easier to document other people's families when your kids aren't around pulling on your arms, asking to be picked up or held when you're trying to focus on getting stable footage! Lydia was particularly clingy (rightly so because there were some HUGE animals around!) and I just had to let go of the perfectionist in me and make her the priority when she needed me. This usually resulted in a lot of missed shots and tons of shaky footage, but that's ok! I filmed when I could, made pictures when I could, and at the end I still managed to create something that they will look back on in years to come and love watching over and over again, even if it's not technically perfect.

So, in keeping with the theme of the blog circle Moments that Matter, I wanted to post this film that I made from our trip because this was an adventure that I know none of us will forget. And since Addison had to go back to Kansas, this film is even more meaningful to us now because it shows the love and the bond she has with our kids that will forever be in their hearts.

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