Nail Painting | Moments that Matter

I can't even begin to describe how lucky we are to have Addison back with us for awhile. Balancing a business with being a mom is a really tough gig. 

Naturally the kids were also thrilled. Addison was the first to ever paint Lydia's nails and I'm certain that Lydia remembers this because within 2 days she was sitting on Addison's lap asking to paint nails. I love the bond between them. I love that I can leave and know that Addison has it all under control. That she loves the kids the way that I love them, and that they love her too. 

So naturally this is a moment that I wanted to stop and document. For Addison. For me. But mostly, for Lydia. Because these photo's tell the story of a little girl and a young woman and a bond that will be there forever. 

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