Storytelling Session | Photos Only

The life of a mum with two boys is one part exhilarating, two parts exhausting. 

I absolutely ADORE this Half Day in the Life Session I did recently with this mum and her two boys. I am completely in love with old houses, I love the history, I love the light, I love the character, just everything about them is interesting to me. Add to that two crazy adorable boys and a mum who works so hard day in and day out caring for them, and loving them. I think these images are going to be extremely special to these boys when they are older, and at the end of the day that's the reason why I do this. It's not just for you as a parent to have beautiful photos. It's for the kids to find one day as they search through the attic. It's for them to share with their kids, and with their grandkids. It's the legacy of their childhood, a moment stopped in time, an aide to the stories they'll tell about their heritage.

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