Indoor Picnics | Moments that Matter

Life has been so busy here lately. We are preparing to move after just selling our house, my online workshop Filming Life is SO close to being ready to go, we just sold our house and are moving next week, AND we are planning a trip overseas to see my family next month. Hectic is an understatement. 

Toddlers don't have a clue about all the stuff that has to be done however. They just need you to sit down and have a picnic with them when they say so. So in this moment, that is what I did. Because the rest can wait. 

I wanted to experiment with colour for this set because the light was golden and she was in a rainbow skirt. I shoot (and adore) black and white images a lot so wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. And I couldn't resist capturing some video of her at the end cause she's just so stinkin cute. 

This post is part of a new blog circle I'm in with some amazing artists called "Moments that Matter". At the bottom of this post, please click on the link to see what matters to Bec from Bec Stewart Photography this month.