Gardening with Cousins | Moments that Matter Blog Circle

We live really far away from my family. It's not always easy living on the other side of the world, and we are fortunate to be able to visit every now and then. This year, we were able to make the trip for the first time in over three years. This is the first time that my youngest has gotten to hang out with her cousins, and my oldest is now old enough to play really well with the cousins his age. It's fun to watch. 

My Dad takes a lot of pride in his garden, and each morning the kids have been going out there with Gran to pick vegetables for the days meals. I love the memories my kids are making here, and naturally these are moments that matter so they fit the theme of our blog circle pretty perfectly. 

This post is part of a new blog circle I'm in with some amazing artists called "Moments that Matter". At the bottom of this post, please click on the link to see what matters to Cindy Cavanagh this month.