An afternoon with the Hill Family

I think every mother goes through a series of emotions at some point in their children's lives where they just really want to stop each and every moment, bottle them up, and hold onto them forever. As a documentary family photographer herself, Laura already has lots of images of her children but not enough of herself with them and this was what she most wanted to bottle up. Her relationship with them as it is right now. Check out Laura's incredible work here

In our conversation about her session, these were some of the things Laura said : 

"The kids catch the bus home some days, and the bus stop is just across the road from our house. I love the way they run up the path when they get home, and meet us with smiles. We usually then have afternoon tea together and take the kids around the corner with their bikes in a quiet lane where we taught them to ride. We often play "chasing/tip" on bikes. There is also a tree that my daughter loves to climb. I'm pretty keen on capturing a Friday afternoon so it really gets a sense of everyday life. I need more photos of ME (and my husband) holding my kids hands, smiling at their silly jokes, reading with them, pushing them on the swing and giving them a piggyback as we walk around the block."