A Princess Dress Obsession | Moments that Matter

I had a pretty epic week last week, shooting behind the scenes (both video and photography) for Von Wong and Story Art that had me hanging out on top of cliffs in the Blue Mountains, and spending a bit more time away from my kids than normal. I love working on projects with other creatives but man I missed my kids. 

The day after I got home, L found this dress in the garage that I had hidden because when I bought it she was too little for it. So finding it was like finding gold to her and she insisted on wearing it the entire day. She was also extra clingy and wanted to lay in her bed with me, so when we went to bed and she was adjusting the blinds, I grabbed my camera. Then naturally she started spinning, and then she wanted her hair down, and then eventually she crashed. I love these little moments with her and I feel so lucky to be able to capture them in my camera the way that I feel them in my heart. <3

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