Barnes Family | Hills District Family Photographer

I have felt such a strong calling lately to create a set of images that I have in my mind of how children see their mothers. Not just of motherhood itself, although that's important to me as well, but images for the children, the way THEY see their mother. Beautiful and soft, yet carrying so much strength within her. When you look at these images I made for Emma and her family, you'll see that as well. 

This was a Short Story session, and I've got 2 available spaces left for these sessions in 2018. Get in touch to lock yours in.

Comino Family | Western Sydney Family Photographer

This right here, is what love looks like. 

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Short Stories | Sydney Family Lifestyle Photographer

Occasionally I get families that just want pretty pictures at the beach, so that's what we do ;)   

I love documenting families in their element at home, doing everyday things. But I also love creating beautiful lifestyle portraits that show personality and tell a story in a shorter time frame. This is from a recent Short Stories session at a beach near this families home that they go to all the time. I love the significance of this location, as well as the pure love and joy that this family radiates when they are together. 

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