Weekday Motherhood Photography Session 20% Deposit

Weekday Motherhood Photography Session 20% Deposit

130.00 170.00

This 20% deposit is your booking fee and will be applied to the total amount after booking. Upon checkout, you will be asked to put in your EDD (if you are pregnant) and choose the month you would like for your session. Once payment is received you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount, your contract for the session.

Motherhood sessions take place outdoors during golden hour (1 hr before sunset) on weekdays at a river location in the Hawkesbury, OR in your home at 10am on a weekday. I feel strongly about creating images of motherhood that convey strength and love, stripped down and raw. These sessions are for mothers whether they are expecting or already have a pack of children. This is for you no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in.

Before the Session:

We'll schedule a phone chat about 2-3 weeks in advance about how the session will run, and what you hope to get out of it. I’ll give wardrobe/styling advice if you need it and answer any other questions you may have about the session.

During the Session:

When you arrive at the location (or I arrive at your home), we’ll find the most interesting light, and most likely I’ll ask you to get in the water with your child/children if we are at the river. The purpose of a motherhood session is to create a space for you to connect with your baby/child/children in a natural environment without any distractions. My sessions are very much child led, and if a child isn’t feeling up to doing what I’m asking for I’ll figure out another way to work with them. I never expect children to perform, and I never push them when they need space. I get beautiful, natural, and connected images through encouraging children to play with and talk to you, so it’s important that you are open and receptive to that and that you let go of any pre-conceived expectations you may have about how the session will go. Trust in my process, and connect with your children through talking to them about things that really matter. I may occasionally ask you or your child to look softly at the camera, but I won’t ever ask you all to look and smile me (please don’t ask your children to do those things either as it can really interrupt the flow and result in less than natural images and uncooperative children). What I will do, is ask you to talk to each other, move together, laugh with each other, and love on each other. The best moments happen organically without any involvement from me. I’ll often ask you to tell your child the reasons why you’re proud of them, what you love about them, and so on and so on. If you can be vulnerable with your child, they will be vulnerable with you. Think of it as a collaboration. I’m not there to tick off a shot list or make images that look the same as everyone else’s. I’m there to hold a space for you and your children to truly connect with each other, and create magic in front of my camera. All on your own. Just by being you.

After the Session:

About 2-3 weeks after your session you can expect to receive a link to your online gallery. From there you will be able to download the full set of high resolution, edited images (around 30+) PLUS you get the additional convenient option of ordering prints/products directly through your gallery from the best professional print lab in Australia.

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